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Digital models that are a three-dimensional representation of an infrastructure object and the surrounding environment. These models provide the opportunity for additional use cases such as clash detection, integration with existing infrastructure, constructability reviews, design quantities, and 3D coordination and visualization. Advanced 3D models contain asset information regarding the details associated with a specific item or component (e.g., concrete mix design).

An approach to the project delivery process that utilizes digital data to design, construct, inspect, and maintain physical transportation assets. This approach facilitates the use of new workflows and processes that apply technology, software, and hardware to deliver infrastructure. Digital delivery implements a model based approach where Enhanced Digital Plans and Advanced 3D models are developed.

Complete plan sets that include all the details as selectable layers. In the digital plans, you can view the entire project as one entity and view a specific layer (e.g., survey, drainage) by using page hyperlinks, color-coding, etc.

A Document Management System (DMS) which is used to store data, track documents, and manage workspace configurations for design applications such as OpenRoads Designer and OpenBridge Modeler. ProjectWise is a secure data environment that facilitates multidisciplinary collaboration from any location both within native design applications and through a comprehensive suite of web-based services.

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