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Oklahoma Transportation Cabinet's program is implementing technology advancements with 3D models and digital project delivery of design and information. This could result in a more efficient delivery and increase leverage of information across the Cabinet.

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Read the Strategic Plan Executive Summary, Strategic Plan Roadmap, and Strategic Plan

Read the recently published Digital Delivery Strategic Plan Executive Summary, Strategic Plan Roadmap, and Strategic Plan, which provides a high-level look at the proposed digital delivery program, program components, project implementation plan activities, risk-management strategy, and its implementation roadmap. 

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What is Digital Delivery?

An approach to the project delivery process that utilizes digital data to design, construct, inspect and maintain physical transportation assets. This approach facilitates the use of new workflows and processes that apply technology, software and hardware to deliver infrastructure. Digital delivery implements a model based approach where Enhanced Digital Plans and Advanced 3D models are developed.

ODOT recognizes the requirement for Digital Delivery as a means to enhance efficiency across the industry in design, regulatory reviews and construction processes. The shift is from traditional 2D paper-based products to 3D data-based products. These emerging technologies offer advantages in terms of improved quality and reduced costs.

Glossary of Terms

Digital Delivery Initiative

Oklahoma Transportation Cabinet's program is implementing technology advancements with 3D models and digital project delivery of design and information. This could result in a more efficient delivery and increase leverage of information across the Cabinet.



A combination of FHWA methods, industry best practices, and survey results of Cabinet internal and external stakeholders show adopting these solutions could:

  • Catch inefficiencies in design and construction early in a project, reducing change orders
  • Improve estimating and bidding processes for projects
  • Improve handoff across planning, design, construction and maintenance cycles


The proposed solutions represent potential changes to:

  • How certain technologies are used
  • Standards for required processes and data
  • How communication occurs across project stakeholders

Risk Mitigation

Risk will be managed by utilizing Organizational Change Management to ensure:

  • Stakeholders, internal and external, are engaged to create buy-in and incorporate their ideas
  • Provide training and support for changes to processes and technology
  • Limit the number of disruptions to processes and technology

Vision and Mission Statements

We seek to create...

Digital Delivery standards and optimized workflows adopted and implemented, increasing value throughout transportation infrastructure lifecycle.

Our purpose and work is...

Leading efforts to advance and connect digital resources that facilitate data-driven decision making and maximize the value of the transportation infrastructure lifecycle.

Connected Workspace

The ODOT 23.2.2 Connected Workspace is the Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s Workspace files for the Bentley OpenRoads Designer (ORD) and Open Bridge Modeler (OBM) Connect Edition software. This workspace contains the latest resources, standards, and tools necessary for designing projects in accordance with ODOT Standards. You can find the zip file for this release and a full change log using the provided link.

The 23.1.2 Workspace is the final version of associated 10.10 version of Bentley Software. ODOT’s latest ORD Workspace, 23.2.2, released on November 1st, 2023, for industry implementation, is the latest version of the Bentley ORD/OBM Workspace associated with version 10.12 of the software. ODOT will continue to develop version 23.2.2 and provide updates. Consultants can still use the ODOT version of the 23.1.2 workspace, but no additional fixes will be issued by ODOT.

ODOT workspace will continue to evolve with Bentley workspace updates. In order to utilize the latest updates from ODOT, users should consider upgrading ORD/OBM projects as these new releases come out. Please use our workspace tracker to submit enhancements or bugs at Workspace Bug and Enhancement Tracker.

Transforming the Way We Build Roads


2014 - 2D Printed Plan Sheets

Early adoption of some PDF tools for printing and ProjectWise for project delivery pilots.


2020 - 2D Electronic Delivery

Full PDF project delivery within ProjectWise with digital workflow.


2022 - 2.5D - 3D Model Authoring Tools

Design Pilot Team established, 3D tool training begins.


2023 - 3D Digital Delivery

Digital Delivery evolution begins, task force created, pilot project identified.


BEYOND - 3D - 3.5D Information only Models

Model for information only, 3D design review and project hand-over.

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